I’m Muslim. That doesn’t make me a terrorist

I’m Muslim, not a terrorist. A social experiment has been successfully carried out in Paris, where hundreds of people hugged a young man.


A Muslim young man blindfolded himself and asked to be hugged in Place de la République, Paris, after the attacks of 13 November. He had a placard which read: “I’m a Muslim, but I’m told that I’m a terrorist. I trust you, do you trust me? If yes, hug me”. Hundreds of people, of any origin, did so, and some were even particularly moved. At the end of the day, the Muslim young man thanked the citizens for the warmth and friendliness they showed him, and reminded that being Muslims doesn’t mean being terrorists. A terrorist is someone who kills another person, but not because of the Islamic religion. He added: “Islam bans homicide”.


The video has been realised by In The Now, digital platform for “those on the move”.

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