I am Nature

This video, realised by WWF, will make you want to drop everything and become one with nature. Watch it over and over again when holidays seem too far away.

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When holidays are over, resuming our everyday life is hard work. Particularly if we lived in harmony with nature, maybe wandering in the woods, because – as science says – it’s good for our brain. So, we’d better remind ourselves what we are and what we are not.

“I’m not my dozens of unread emails, I’m not my to-do list, I’m not the likes on my Facebook profile, and I’m not the fast food on my lunch break. I am the leaves falling on my shoulders, I’m the grass beneath my feet, I’m the wind blowing through the trees, I’m the water flowing between the stones, the soil running between my fingers. I’m the choices I make,” says the voice in the video.


I am Nature is the campaign launched by WWF that boasts the incredible power of taking us back to the right path when our routine leads us astray.

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