After Berta Cáceres, another murder in Honduras: Nelson García has been killed

Another environmental activist of COPINH, Nelson García, was murdered in unclear circumstances, following an eviction carried out by Honduran security forces in Rio Chiquito.

Another environmental activist has been killed in Honduras. After the murder of Berta Cáceres, leader of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH) shot dead on 3 March, another COPINH member has been killed: Nelson García, 38.


Manifestazione per Berta Càceres
Protesters at the Honduran embassy in Mexico city, in occasion of World’s Women Day © Edgard Garrido/Reuters


According to COPINH, García, father of five, was killed on 15 March by Honduran military police forces, after a violent eviction of a land occupied by farmers of the Lenca indigenous community. The atmosphere in the Central American country becomes tenser, while repression against activists becomes harsher.

According to local media, Nelson García was shot dead in the face by unidentified gunmen as he returned to his family home in Río Lindo, north-west Honduras. The man took part to protests of the local community after tens of families were evicted and their homes and cultivates lands raze to the ground.


Berta Càceres durante un comizio
Berta Cáceres, leader of COPINH


Berta Cáceres’ murder triggered a wave of violence against activists who fight for protecting local communities’ rights and safeguarding the environment. Many COPINH and family members have already been threatened by authorities.


According to the indigenous organisation, 8 of the COPINH’s 9 coordinators have been interrogated ever since, without being properly informed of the reasons for their questioning. Leader Aureliano Molina was arrested just a few hours after Cáceres’ murder and released 48 hours later without charges. A few days later, several unidentified men driving cars without number plates circled Molina’s home and tried to gain entry to conduct an illegal search.


Moreover, police forces were observed photographing protesters during a peace rally held in La Esperanza last week, aimed at demanding justice for Cáceres. One of the activist’s daughters has also reported being followed by undercover armed men in Tegucigalpa.


Anche la Costa Rica chiede giustizia per Berta
Demonstration in San José, Costa Rica, on 8 March 2016 © Juan Carlos Ulate/Reuters


“We demand an end to the persecution, harassment and the war against COPINH members,” the group said in a statement. “We demand justice for our dead colleagues from the Honduran government and an end to impunity.”

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