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Hawaii becomes the first US state to “adopt” the Paris Agreement, in spite of Trump

A number of US federal states want to stick with the Paris Agreement, in facts. One of them is Hawaii, which has just passed a law, in response to Donald Trump.

Hawaii has become the first US federal state to “adopt” the Paris Agreement, committing to doing its part to reduce CO2 emissions. Just a few days after Donald Trump’s decision that shocked the international community, the Governor of Hawaii, David Ige, responded in the most effective way – formally committing to fighting climate change.

Hawaii’s new law aligns with the Paris Agreement

Hawaii wasn’t entitled to sign the accord, as it’s an act up to the federal government. However, the country has passed a law that imposes the conservation of the archipelago’s environmental integrity, from coasts to forests, in fact adopting the United Nations’ accord. “Our island communities lead the way when it comes to climate change impacts and policies,” the governor said. Along with Hawaii, a dozen more countries are up to aligning with the climate accord, including New York and California (as well as Puerto Rico).

Last week California’s Governor Jerry Brown went to China to join a series of meetings centred on climate issues. In particular, he had a long talk with Chinese President Xi Jinping, unlike United States Secretary of Energy who was fundamentally ignored by Beijing’s authorities.

Meantime, New York’s former mayor Micheael Bloomeberg sent a letter to the United Nations signed by 1,000 local institutions, organisations and businesses (including Apple, Google, Amazon, and Nike), to support climate policies. The Bloomberg Philanthropies foundation will donate 15 million dollars to the UNFCCC, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change under the aegis of which the Paris Agreement was signed.


Featured image: Hawaii Governor David Ige after passing a law that “aligns” the country with the Paris Agreement © David Ige/Flickr

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