Animal abuse, shocking images show the horror inside two French slaughterhouses

L’associazione L214 ha pubblicato due video che mostrano animali maltrattati, violenze gratuite e sevizie in due macelli nel sud della Francia.

The following article contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.


The images coming from France are appalling. Two videos made in two slaughterhouses in the French towns of Alès e Vigan, in the region of Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées, show unbearable animal abuse. Animals are hung from the ceiling while still alive, thrown violently against metal barriers, stunned through electric shock, smothered with carbon dioxide, slaughtered while still conscious.

Cruelty to animals because of professional misconduct

The videos (with English subtitles) have been published by French association L214, aimed at ending animal farming and shutting down slaughterhouses. The news ended up published by all French major headlines, while French newspaper 20 Minutes talked with Vigan slaughterhouse’s director who told that such episodes “should not occur” and animals were subjected to violence “because of professional misconduct”.


macello animali francia maltrattamenti
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However, the abbattoir claimed that “all of the slaughterhouse staff received training and animal welfare certification”. Moreover, it is a certified organic slaughterhouse: “We’re aware of the huge existing differences between organic and standard farms,” said L214. “We thus assume that other organic farmers are shocked too”.


The scandal was uncovered in October, when the association released the first video, made in Alès. The violence shown in those images is unspeakable. According to Le Monde, city’s mayor Max Roustan said he was “moved by the video” and ordered to immediately shut down the facility as a precautionary measure and to start investigations. However, such stop lasted just a few weeks: the slaughterhouse reopened in December. L214 asked to visit the abbattoir, in order to verify if real changes have been implemented.


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