Figs bruschette

Le bruschette di fichi, ricotta fresca e miele sono un modo sfizioso per fare merenda. Ottime anche come antipasto o come dolce a fine pasto.



Ingredients for 2 people


4 loaves of brown bread

2 ripe figs

100 g of fresh ricotta

chestnut honey



bruschetta fichi e ricotta


Slice bread. Wash figs and cut them in thin slices. Chop pistachios finely to get a crumb.
Spread ricotta on bread loaves and lay figs.

Add some chestnut honey and then dust pistachios crumble on figs and ricotta bruschette.


bruschetta fichi e ricotta


Why do we suggest a recipe with honey?

Bees do not just make honey and our future depends on them. LifeGate launched Bee my future, a project aiming to protect bees in urban areas. Click here for further information.

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