Festival of Letters, to celebrate the immortal charm of writing them

From 11 to 19 October the Festival of Letters in Milan will celebrate a romantic and ancient, yet modern act: writing letters. An unmissable event for those who love writing and consider it a form of art.

Letters don’t suffer the passage of time, nay, in the modern era, they’ve acquired a deeper meaning, and represent the precious legacy of an emotional form of communication. The Festival of Letters, which will take place in Milan from 11 to 19 October, celebrates this art that makes us dream.

Milan’s Festival of letters

Covering physical, cultural or social distances through a letter is the mission of the first and largest Italian event dedicated to letter writing. The festival, in its twelfth edition, will honour those who write letters and consider them one of the most universal and ancient expressive means: more than ten years after the Festival was launched, 20,000 letters have been handwritten. Millions of words, thousands of stories.

festival of letters
The Festival of Letters will take place in Milan, at Teatro Verdi

Everybody can take part in the contest: from children aged 5 to old people aged 95. Whatever the reason one decides to write, a feeling written on a letter will never be lost and will travel long distances.

The contest of the Festival of Letters

This year’s theme is “letter to an artist. There are many other categories including “letter of the theme the contestant chooses” and “long-cherished letter” but all the participants have to handwrite the letter, as once, and send it in the traditional way.

Letters for the future of the planet: a contest for children

This year, in the Festival’s out of competition categories, children under 14 years old were asked to answer Jane Goodall. The British anthropologist who became famous for her effort to protect chimpanzees has written a message of hope for future generations. “I think now we need a collective dream: that together we will work to make a better, a more sustainable world.”

The initiative, in collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute Italy and Milan’s Libreria dei Ragazzi, shows the commitment on environmental themes and the willingness to train new generations on these themes.

The deadline to participate in the contest is 30 September. The winners will be awarded at Teatro Verdi on Sunday 16 October; the entrance is free but you should reserve your seat by clicking here. To consult the programme and for more info follow this link.

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