Donald Trump. I don’t believe in climate change

He’s the most extreme of all candidates to the US presidential primaries. For his attitude as well as for what he says. Billionaire Donald Trump goes strong attacking on many fronts.


Donald Trump is a rich businessman, born in New York in 1946. His net worth is estimated at 2.9 billion dollars (even if he says that he’s worth ten). He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics, he’s a Republican, conservative, has been married three times and divorced twice. He already presented himself as a candidate for the 1996 US primaries and was defeated by Bob Dole. Here is how he plans to govern the United States.


Climate change doesn’t exist

Donald Trump’s opinion on the climate is simple: “I’m not a believer in global warming, I believe there’s weather”. He also said that the Keystone XL pipeline will have “no impact on the environment” and four days after the Fukushima disaster he asserted to be “a very strong supporter of nuclear energy”.

On the subject of civil rights, in an interview for radio programme Sirius Xm he gave a few years ago, he explained: “I’m against gay marriage”, adding that, “it’s never been an argument that’s been discussed with me very much. People know that it’s not my thing one way or the other”.

Donald Trump primaries Usa
Candidate Donald Trump during a political meeting at Milford, Iowa © Joe Raedle/Getty Images

His comment on “Mexican rapists”

But the fiercest controversy broke out when Trump gave his opinion on the issue of immigration. First he labelled Mexicans as “criminal” and “rapists”. Then he revealed his plan aimed to “make America great again” by: building a “great great wall” along the United States/Mexico border (to be paid for by the Mexican people) that will be named after him one day; tightening immigration rules (abolishment of jus soli, checks on all workers and expulsion of all undocumented immigrants); and obliging employers to give hiring priority to Americans.

Trump is also in favour of supplying the US population with arms. A member of the NRA, the weapon lobby, he has talked more than once about the Paris attacks that took place in November 2015, explaining: “And I will tell you what, you can say what you want, if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry, it would have been a much, much different situation”.


Torture works

He’s convinced that China is responsible for the economic problems of the United States (and for this reason he proposes a 45% tax on Chinese imports), he thinks his country should have increased sanctions on Iran due to its nuclear programme and he wants to hedge all his bets on a military approach to contrast ISIS (“I will find the General Patton, I will find the right guy”). And that “torture works” with terrorists.

With regards to the TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between Europe and the USA, he said, without entering into the merits of the issue, that it “is a bad deal”. His comment on the Trans-Pacific Partnership is even more negative: it “is an attack on America’s business”, he explained.

Donald Trump
An image of Donald Trump aged 35, taken from his Instagram profile

Donald Trump at the primaries

He thinks that Barack Obama’s health insurance reform (Obamacare) “is a big lie” and he guarantees that he will propose a “much better” reform called “Donaldcare”.

Trump is giving conservatives a hard time: he says that if he loses the primaries he will present himself as an independent candidate. And apparently he would gain many votes precisely from Republicans, thus paving the way for a Democratic victory.


Cover image: Donald Trump at a political meeting © Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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