Leonardo DiCaprio has met with Donald Trump to discuss climate change

The US actor and environmental activist has visited the US President-elect in New York. DiCaprio’s aim was to talk about climate change and convince Trump that renewables are worthwhile.

They’ve met at the Trump Tower the same day the US president-elect nominated climate change denier Scott Pruit to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Con Ban Ki-moon, Segretario generale dell'Onu.
Leonardo DiCaprio and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Leonardo DiCaprio, accompanied by Terry Tamminen – CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, has handed to Donald Trump a detailed framework on the huge economic potentiality of investing in clean technology and renewable energy, and reducing emissions.

“Our conversation focused on how to create millions of secure, American jobs in the construction and operation of commercial and residential clean, renewable energy generation,” Tamminen told CNN.

Donald Trump Barack Obama
Donald Trump and Barack Obama, representing two opposite views on climate © Win McNamee/Getty Images

DiCaprio against Trump

This could be one of the best chances US environmental activists have in the fight between climate change sceptics – who wants a fossil future – and those who think that renewables represent the future, both for an economic growth (so much cited during the electoral campaign) and a low-carbon economy.

“You are the last, best hope of Earth,” DiCaprio said at the Paris Agreement signing ceremony. “We ask you to protect it. Or we, and all living things we cherish, are history”.

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