Denmark, new wind power record set in 2015

Denmark broke new record for wind power production in 2015. And raises the bar of ambition for other European countries.

It breaks one record after another. Denmark already tops any rank dedicated to sustainability, both environmental and social. But it doesn’t settle and, year after year, it does more to try to be an example and – most of all – a stimulus to other countries. In 2015, the renewable energy produced from wind set a new record by covering 42.1% of the northern European country’s energy needs.


L'energia eolica nel 2015 ha stabilito un nuovo record in Danimarca © Jim Saylor/Corbis
Wind energy produced in 2015 set new record in Denmark © Jim Saylor/Corbis


The news was released on Friday 15 January and the figure breaks the previous record, i.e. 39.1% in 2014. The Danish turbines in the western regions alone generated enough electricity to “light up” 1,460 hours out of 8,760, according to Energinet’s spokesman Carsten Vittrup.


“It’s not unusual that we have hours where the wind production is greater than the actual consumption. But in the western part of the country, it has sometimes been 16% more,” said Vittrup.


Il record precedente era dall'anno precedente, il 2014 quando l'energia eolica aveva prodotto il 39,1 per cento © Maja Homen/Lumi Images/Corbis
Latest record was set the proevious year, 2014, when wind energy produced 39.1 per cent of the energy needs © Maja Homen/Lumi Images/Corbis


During such peaks, wind energy was exported to Norway, Sweden and Germany, while Denmark bought hydropower from Norway and solar power from Germany, when the electricity production wasn’t enough. This is part of a perfect, democratic, boundless production scheme. This is the smart grid.


In a historical period focused on circular economy, energy efficiency and saving, cooperation between countries is crucial to continue developing a system based on clean energy, a system that doesn’t emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and doesn’t exploit fossil fuels: a 100% renewable system. Figures confirm it. While in 2005 wind energy covered 18.7% of the world’s electricity consumption, in 2012 it reached 30%.

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