Berlin clubs collect 50,000 euros for the refugees

By asking every person in the guest list to donate one euro, Berlin clubs have raised 50,000 euros for the refugees.

While a part of Europe erects a wall against the “invasion of refugees”, Berlin clubs invented a new effective way to support them: every person in the guest list for music events donates one euro to support the refugees entering Germany.


savages plus1 campaign refugees
The British band Savages support the Plus1 campaign


According to the BBC, Germany is the European country that is offering asylum to the largest number of seekers and, apparently, the German population’s show of support is expanding to the renowned nightlife of the capital.


The Plus1 initiative, which was launched last October and is now about to become permanent, revolves around the idea that those who attend a free event must help less fortunate people. Clubbers in the guest list of concerts and music events including journalists, VIPs, operators and guests who can have fun for free, are encouraged to put one euro for the refugees in a can.


Even the local artistic community in Berlin went into action to support the refugees, from Savages to Massive Attack, and the reaction was positive. Over 80 clubs all over the city participated in the campaign collecting 50,000 euros in six months. The money raised is fairly distributed to a few non-profit organisations that are aiding the refugees, including Moabit hilft, dealing with job and health, Der Flüchtlingsrat Berlin, aimed to protect human rights and Sea-Watch that helps the Mediterranean populations in danger.

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