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Pascal Mittermaier is the Global Managing Director for Cities at The Nature Conservancy, a US based conservation NGO active in over 35 countries. He leads a new team at the Conservancy focused on transforming how the world’s growing cities manage their natural resources.

Most recently, Pascal served as the Head of Sustainability, Europe and Managing Director for London’s Elephant & Castle Regeneration at Lend Lease, a global property and construction company. In this role, Pascal was responsible for embedding innovative environment and social approaches across all of Lend Lease’s businesses. Pascal also led the Elephant & Castle regeneration project in central London, a 10-year project to develop 3,000 of the UK’s most energy efficient homes, including an on-site clean energy plant, a cycle-walk-public transport infrastructure and the largest new park in Central London in 70 years. The project incorporates many green innovations and is part of the C40 Cities Climate Positive Development Program, a network of leading cities from around the world committed to implementing meaningful and sustainable climate-related policies and programmes.

Pascal was also a Board Director of FSC UK, and a frequent lecturer at Cambridge University’s Programme for Sustainable Leadership.

Prior to finding his career path in sustainability, Pascal worked at the Swiss healthcare company Roche, where he was Managing Director of Roche in Canada and Italy. Whilst in Italy he met Marco and Enea Roveda, working with LifeGate on optimising Roche’s sustainability performance. The partnership with Lifegate helped Roche Italy reduce its carbon footbprint by 45%. This included optimization of logistics, energy procurement and planting new trees on the Monza campus. Roche also built a 1.4 MW photovoltaic covered parking lot on its site, one of the largest in Italy.

Pascal fell in love with LifeGate’s vision, becoming shareholder in 2010.

He studied Economics and History at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and completed his MSc. in Climate Change and Sustainable Development from DeMontfort University.

He is now based in Boston, Massachusetts where he lives with his family. Along with nature conservation, his lifelong passions are kitesurfing and drumming.

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