Adopt an elderly Dane. An ironic video welcomes them to Africa

Adopt a Dane, a needy elderly Dane. This video made by a Danish broadcaster puts a stop to the debate on whether too much money is being spent on international cooperation.

In the aftermath of Denmark’s new law that allows police seize valuables of asylum seekers, Danish people are complaining on social networks about the fact that too much money is spent in international cooperation projects rather than being destined to elderly people. The radio programme P3 broadcasted by Denmark’s broadcasting corporation DR thus realised an extremely hilarious video that announces the establishment of the unreal Adopt-A-Dane Foundation (AADF). The “association” aims to return what’s donated so far and to contribute to giving a new home to “needy” elderly Danes.


Adopt a Dane!

“A lot of Danes are commenting that so much money is being spent on Africa, instead of old people in Denmark. When we heard that, we knew we had to do something. That’s why we started the Adopt-A-Dane Foundation,” is said in the video. Africa might have “contaminated water, epidemics, and lack electricity. But it seems from the Facebook comments that old Danes are worse off,” says the protagonist of the fake video, asking Copenhagen’s government: “Please let us take care of them”.

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