9 random acts of extraordinary kindness from the refugee crisis

Simple, ordinary actions of kindness towards refugees arriving to Europe that become extraordinary during these months of tension and difficulties.

1. This little boy offered his toys to refugees approaching Munich’s central station



2. Sandra Tsiligeridu and some friends rescued a Syrian refugee off the coast of the Greek Island of Kos. He had been adrift for 13 hours, clung to a life vest



3. In Munich, this policeman played with a little boy, letting him try on his hat



4. Antonis Deligiorgis dove into water and brought ashore 20 Syrians, saving them whilst their boat was sinking off the coasts of Rhodes, Greece

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5. This Syrian father received a donation of 50,000 dollars. Before, he sold pens in a refugee camp to support his family


6. Some Hungarians prepare water and food on the street for the refugees arriving on foot very soon


Hungarians waiting by the highway with food to give to the refugees who will arrive on foot very soon. They are now walking to Vienna. Una foto pubblicata da Eleanor Beardsley (@elbeardsley) in data:

7. Artists from all over the world realised beautiful works of art in honour of Aylan and Galip Kurdi, Syrian children who died at sea off Bodrum shores, Turkey




8. Some German football fans used a game to make a declaration: “Welcome”


9. This German railway station welcomed refugees with a standing ovation


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