5 SmartDriving Apps

SmartDriving apps helping drivers respect the environment, pay attention to safety, savings, quality of life and opportunities provided by sustainable mobility.

The spread of smartphones apps has allowed for the development of useful software to help us while driving: allowing us to avoid traffic congestion, reduce pollution, make smart choices in every moment of urban life and save money. 5 SmartDriving apps that will change your life on the road.




This is the first social GPS app. It works thanks to the cooperation with users, who give real time information about traffic queues, traffic congestion and car accident, just with a touch on the screen. Car drivers thus become prosumers, as they can take the fastest route and avoid problems. Connection to Facebook adds some features to be shared with friends. Drivers can see cars heading to the same destination and coordinate arrival times to meet or organise carpooling.




The app was created by an Italian developer  and allows to fully exploit smartphones while driving, only using vocal recognition, dramatically reducing distractions, avoiding to look away from the road or, even worse, writing text messages on the touchscreen (which is becoming the main cause of road accidents). Among the different features, the app reads incoming text messages and asks drivers if they desire text back or call the sender.





35 million car parks, both indoor and outdoor, in 50 countries and their respective fares. Parkopedia shows free car parks in real time, helping drivers save time and fuel. The app is available for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.


Augmented Car Finder


Do you always forget where you parked your car? This app will allow you to locate your car thanks to GPS geolocalisation data and the support of augmented reality, which is very useful to show you the route in 3D.


Parking Meter Pro


“I hope the parking metre has not expired”. If you wonder about that sometimes, then Parking meter pro is just what you need. The app will signal when the parking metre has expired and help you avoid to be fined!

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