Keep giving the Earth a voice. Let’s shape 2016 together

2015 was a difficult and complicated year, but also an inspiring one. We have collected the social and environmental sustainability news stories that most impressed us and that were most shared by you.

Stories must be told, whether they’re negative or positive. Our effort has been to give voice to the Earth and its silent breath, like Rachel Carson would have said. Whether it is being safeguarded or exploited, we take care in relating its state of health because it is our only home, the place that has brought us together and kept us unified. Women and men in harmony with each other and nature. In this video we have collected the most important news stories of 2015, those that got our hearts racing, moved, excited and disturbed us.


2015 was a difficult and complicated year, but it was also an inspiring one that brought us much cause for celebration….

Posted by LifeGate on Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Like all selections or rankings this video isn’t able to cover everything that is important. It doesn’t mention the refugee crisis, the November attacks in Paris, nor police brutality in the United States. However, these are all topics we have amply covered on the LifeGate website over the course of the year. There are multiple reasons for not including them in the video. Some topics didn’t arise and didn’t reach their conclusion in 2015. In any case, our selection isn’t meant to exclude or reshape other news stories in any way but rather give added visibility to those that are most consonant with our values.


Why the attack on Charlie Hebdo shouldn’t scare us

Matite per Charlie Hebdo

Europe ready for hydrogen cars: the first Toyota saloon presented in Geneva


Bee My Future, our future depends on them


It’s the year of Expo Milano 2015

expo copertina

Pope Francis’ environment encyclical: “Humans must change their lifestyle”

papa-rock cover

The United States says yes to same-sex marriage: the world celebrates equal rights

Matrimoni gay

Who was Cecil the lion and why he’s been killed

cecil il leone

The agony of polar bears shown in a picture


Shell abandons Arctic oil drilling


Obama rejects the Keystone XL pipeline


Volkswagen cheated on US emission rules with 482,000 diesel cars


The WHO says sausages, hamburgers, bacon and other processed meats cause cancer


Palm oil: what you need to know about health and environment

Semi di palma da olio

Aung San Suu Kyi’s party wins in Myanmar

aung san

Brazil faces environmental disaster. The toxic mudslide has reached the ocean


11 people who made COP21 history (for better or for worse)

Il presidente della conferenza, il ministro degli Esteri francese Laurent Fabius, mentre annuncia: "L’accordo di Parigi è adottato". ©

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