Wind power generated 97% of Scotland’s household electricity

A new record for wind power has been set as investments in renewable sources keep on increasing. This time was Scotland’s turn.

The wind blows hard in Scotland. And the fact that 97% of the household electricity needs are met by wind turbines installed in the country confirms this figure. 2015 was a record year since as much as 10,392 GWh of energy were produced in this period.


Installing a windmill. © Sean Gallup/Getty Images


This was reported by WWF Scotland, whose director, Lang Banks, exactly highlighted that last year was an important year for wind power: “Without doubt, 2015 was a huge year for renewables. Wind turbines and solar panels helped to ensure millions of tonnes of climate damaging carbon emissions were avoided. With 2016 being a critical year politically, we’d like to see each of the political parties back policies that would enable Scotland become the EU’s first fully renewable electricity nation by 2030”.


Wind power is Scotland’s main source of energy

Actually, things have been well designed if you consider that 148% of the household power demand was met just in December, and 63% of the entire power demand (industrial, domestic and commercial) was met. Certainly the use of wind power will increase given that Scotland is to realise the largest offshore wind park in the world (195 GWh).


“Following the recent Paris climate talks where there were calls for greater use of low-carbon energy sources, the data show that renewables are already playing a major and increasing role in Scotland’s, and the rest of the UK’s, overall energy mix”, said Karen Robinson of WeatherEnergy, the agency that cooperated with the WWF to collect data.


But that’s not all. Bloomberg’s latest report on annual investments in renewables shows that the United Kingdom in 2015 increased its investments by 24%, contrary to the rest of Europe that cut them. Investments in green energy keep on increase on average worldwide (129 billion dollars, that is 4% more than in 2014), with China being top of the list, followed by South Africa, South America and India, whose markets are emerging.


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