Syd Barrett: new documentary “Have you got it?” to be released soon

Directed by Roddy Bogawa, the film traces the life of Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd’s “crazy diamond”, in his private and public personas.

The new documentary on Syd Barrett’s life and career, the Pink Floyd’s “crazy diamond”, is expected to be released by the end of 2015, but it may be distributed in theatres or in home video at the end of this summer.



Passed away on 7th July 2006 after living for thirty years in isolation, Syd Barrett founded the band Pink Floyd with bass player Roger Waters, drummer Nick Mason and keyboard player Rick Wright in 1965 and after only three years, in 1968, he left the band and he embarked on a brief solo career.


The film was directed first by Storm Thorgerson, a British photographer and designer who created, among other things, the cover of the album The dark side of the moon, and then, after his death in 2013, it was finished by Roddy Bogawa. The title Have you got it? is derived from an unreleased song by the Pink Floyd that, according to experts, would have been composed (and never registered) exactly by Syd Barrett in 1968, shortly before leaving the band.


According to what is said in the music magazine Mojo, the documentary promises new insights into the singer’s artistic and private life, not only during his stay in the Pink Floyd, but even in the following years during his solo career. The film will include plenty of interviews to the surviving members of the band and, with regard to this, the director stated:

It has an intimate quality that the other films about him haven’t been able to capture.


So, all we can do is waiting for its release.

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