Sweden wants to be the world’s first country to quit fossil fuels

Sweden’s Prime Minister announced during the UN General Assembly the country’s goal to entirely run on renewable energy. And there’s more.

Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announced it during the United Nations General Assembly. Sweden wants to become one of the first countries to quit fossil fuels.

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How could it become fossil fuel-free? In September, as reported by the Independent, the government announced it would allocate 480 million euros to green infrastructure (solar panels and wind turbines), alongside paving the way for the creation of a smart energy distribution grid and boosting sustainable transports.

This means it’s not only about renewable energy, already bought from the neighbouring Denmark that produces more energy than it needs, but also technologies aimed to store clean energy and modernize existing buildings, in order to make them less energy-consuming.

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Moreover, Sweden is investing both nationally and overseas, with 50 million euros annually being invested in developing countries for the creation of green infrastructures and technology.

Sweden has a forward-looking, modern, smart plan. A project looking ahead to the future, following the path of governments, also those known to be oil producers. “Children should grow up in a toxin-free environment. The precautionary principle, the removal of dangerous substances and the idea that the polluter should pay are the basis of our politics,” concluded Löfven.

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