How New York’s skyline has changed in 515 years

515 years of history, that of Manhattan, New York’s most famous borough, in 47 seconds. As much as those necessary to reach the top of the One world trade center.

The elevator of the One world trade center, also known as Freedom tower, takes just 47 seconds to climb to the 102nd floor. It is the tower that replaced the Twin Towers (or World trade center) after the 2001 terrorist attacks. During those 47 seconds it is possible to trace the history of the skyline of Manhattan, since 1500 when it was a green area covered with trees, up to now with its expanse of skyscrapers that makes it unique in the world. For few seconds, so much as it takes to cover about thirty years of history, it is possible to see one of the towers that collapsed on 11 September 14 years ago.

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