The United States says yes to same-sex marriage: the world celebrates equal rights

On the 26th of June the Supreme Court ruled in favour of same-sex marriage in all 50 states. The landmark decision triggered jubilation all over the world.

In the United States is no longer possible do adopt laws to ban same-sex marriage. This is what the American Supreme Court has ruled on Friday 26 June by 5 votes to 4. Before the ruling, 37 states, plus the District of Columbia, already adopted same-sex marriages, but now no state is allowed to not celebrate or recognize them.


The Obama administration embraced the ruling with a real explosion of joy, and the President Barack Obama held a speech on the importance of equal rights, starting from the possibility of getting married. Moreover, he launched the hashtag #LoveWins that has quickly become popular all over the world. Numerous both organised and spontaneous demonstrations took place globally. In fact, the 28th of June is a symbolic date for the LGBT world, and the gay pride is celebrated in different cities of the world, from Milan to New York, Manila, and London. In Milan some 100,000 people participated to the Milano Pride, to fight prejudices and say YES to love. The slogan they used was spot on: “Rights feed the planet”, recalling the Expo Milano 2015 motto “Feeding the planet. Energy for life”.


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