Photovoltaic panels to be installed everywhere

Developed by En-Eco Group a company established in Florence, the new photovoltaic panels are flexible, recyclable and efficient. They can be carried or installed almost everywhere and it allows you to always have electricity at your fingertips.

Here is the new frontier of photovoltaic panels. They can be installed on plenty of surfaces, are very efficient (three times more efficient than amorphous silicon) and are produced on recyclable plastic supports in Italy by En-Eco Group, a Florence company operating in renewable energy sector.


“Our panels are designed to be employed in countless applications, such as powering batteries in electric cars, camper vans and caravans, cooling refrigerated vehicles, powering bus air conditioning systems, generating on-board energy for marine industry, providing energy to buildings, powering electric drones, projecting roofs, charging stations and so on,” explained Francesco Trisolini, En-Eco Group CEO.

Solar panels power ranges from 20 to 130 W and they are produced in Italy, in Turin and Florence. They can be used for different purposes and their shapes vary according to their potential use and can be customised by consumers, who can order the most suitable shape for their application.

From solar car to portable solar power plant. Applications are almost unlimited and are all extremely important to be independent and off-grid. Philla electric city car, for instance, is an electric car with about 220 km range, developed in cooperation with Piedmont Region, FIAT Research Centre and the Polytechnic University of Turin.


Other examples includes Apollo solar car prototype, developed by the Polytechnic University of Milan, which won Shell EcoMarathon and the service battery charging system developed by Iveco for ecobus for its ecobus prototype, and the truck-concept Glider, a truck equipped with photovoltaic panels generating up to 2 kWh.


Electricity Everywhere. For people living and working outdoor, the Solar Power Station becomes indispensable when tried. It features an accumulator with reduced size and weight, integrated with flexible and extremely thin photovoltaic panels.


Tregoo panels are real small solar power station, developed for cruise passengers, kayak and canoe lovers or for people doing nautical camping. They provide energy to recharge GPS, satellite and cartography devices, chartplotters, radios, VHF transceivers and all the necessary equipment for outdoor missions.


Tregoo panels are also developed for people forced to work in emergency conditions, where the availability of a power supply is vital.


“Tregoo Solar Power Station represent a revolution and generate unlimited energy everywhere,” stated Alessandro Nosei, Tregoo Chief Operating Officer. “They allow to experience a completly safe journey and always provide energy to technological support equipment and for launching the necessary operations in case of emergency”.

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