The Metrocab: navigating London without polluting it

Transport for London grants the first Metrocab licenses. The city’s new fleet of ecological taxis is still black, but less polluting.

London reaches its objective of reducing pollution by licensing the Metrocab, a new generation of the city’s iconic taxi powered by electric engines. Metrocab is still black and more or less recalls the design of the ultra-traditional London taxi but, unlike its historic ancestor, it emits 75% less CO2.


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For more than a year, Transport for London, the company that manages the London transport system, has been studying the environmental impact of the new electric taxis. It has finally granted the first licenses in the world for the circulation of these vehicles. Charles Masefield, President of Metrocab, says he’s satisfied, especially seeing as electric taxis have received many recognitions, including from Mayor Boris Johnson, and have been welcomed even by the most nostalgic users notwithstanding changes to the original design.


The new vehicle will travel the streets of London, a taxi similar but not the same as the one found on all London souvenirs. Alterations include: more spacious interiors and a sun roof, which is perfects for tourists and city aficionados. A retro look for a vehicle that embraces the most innovative technologies. Metrocabs are equipped with LED displays connected to an entertainment and information system, USB ports and plugs to charge passengers’ smartphones and computers.




The Rolls-Royce of taxis works thanks to two electric and one oil engine plugged into a generator that recharges batteries when they aren’t connected to a power source, making the vehicle three times more efficient than the old London taxi. Silent, ecological, comfortable and cheaper, the new fleet of London taxis is destined to impress.

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