LED lights vs. conventional bulbs: spot the differences

The government has started replacing conventional street bulbs with LED lights in the South Korean capital, Seoul. Can you spot the differences?

Korea is replacing street lights with LED lights: the aim of this programme is to reduce the electricity bill and light pollution. LEDs require 10 times less energy to generate light, offering a less light dispersion in the air. In public areas where lights have been changed to LED, the inhabitants can see the stars in the sky, because LED lights emit a focused light directed downwards.


This picture, posted by the Reddit’s user alreadytakenusername, shows the significant difference between the two sources of light. LED lights are more eco-efficient and sustainable, and they illuminate roads in a better way, improving road safety.


About one-third of a municipality’s electrical costs are for street lighting, Forbes’ research shows.

As regards LEDs efficiency, producers’ data show that LED lights exceeded 100lm/W: LED lights moved from 180W to over 18,000 lm.

LED lights are economical, clear, less impacting and more eco-efficient lights.  


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