Julian Casablancas patented his folding electric bicycle

Julian Casablancas: Strokes’ frontman, lead singer of the Julian Casablancas+The Voidz band and, now, even inventor of a foding electric bicycle.

As reported a few weeks ago in the magazine Spin, American musician Julian Casablancas has recently filed a patent of a new folding electric bicycle. The Strokes frontman had already talked about his project about a year ago in an interview for Rolling Stone magazine:

It’s kind of breaking my heart with how long it’s taking, but it’s pretty amazing. (…) The only people who want to do this are these German engineer guys. They have this thing called Free Cross, it’s like an exercise machine. And this is the exact opposite. (…) And this is just a lazy man’s thing.

And today, his folding electric bicycle has become a reality or, at least, the patent has been registered and published. The description of the invention reads:

Often times the distance one must travel is seemingly too short or too inconvenient to ride a bus or subway or to drive a car, but too long to walk. These circumstances present opportune times to ride a bicycle.


Bicycles are easy to manoeuvre, low in cost even to mainatin and convenient to park. However, according to Casablancas, they are too bulky when it comes to travel long distances and use different means of transport.


His bicycle, on the contrary, is very light and is quickly folded into a suitcase. So, it can be conveniently transported on public transports – or as luggage on a train or plane – and is suitable for those users wishing to reduce storage space.

It’s unique because it has no pedals, is completely electric and is provided with a frame and a rechargeable battery that beat all folding electric bicycles currently on sale as regards the weight and the space it occupies.


The inventors of the bicycle include also Richard Priest, the Strokes’ tour manager, and music video director for Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg and Depeche Mode Warren Fu.

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