Jane Goodall. Going vegetarian is a wonderful choice

Jane Goodall has become an icon. She brought her calm and great experience to the Paris Climate Conference, for the protection of forests.

She carried out researches on the social life of primates, particularly chimpanzees. The world-known British anthropologist has become an inspiration for many generations and is currently among the most active and determined people in fighting deforestation, thanks to the institute bearing her name.

Jane Goodall is vegetarian, has a calm voice and seems one of those who live at peace because they demonstrated everything already. The anthropologist brought her style to the Paris Climate Conference, invited by Inger Andersen, director of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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In that occasion she presented the documentary Stop the Burning, which tells the stories of 30 people asking their governments to act to save the planet’s lungs. The voice-over, spoken by Goodall, is the most beautiful thing of the video. She narrates, with her kind voice, the dramatic situation forests are going through.

During the presentation in Paris, the Londoner researcher gave pieces of advice to young people willing to walk the same path, explaining her stance on issues linked to the value green areas have. This is what she told us.

Who was not properly represented at COP21?

The indigenous people have not been given a voice. But they are tremendously important. They protect large areas of forest and thus they should be given proper voice, more than other protagonists. The same could be said for women. Women in a way are responsible for their children in a different way to men. Many women really do think about their future – and that of the Earth.

Do you think it is possible to stop the creation of new oil palm plantations and certify the existing ones?

We have to do it. That’s one way of saying we will do it. It’s not going to be easy and we have to fight corruption. We have to convince enough companies not to use products from unsustainable palm oil plantations. We have to stop it very fast.

What do you think of the growing number of people, mostly youngsters, who decide to become vegetarian for the environment?

I think it’s wonderful and is growing really fast. I was amazed to see how quickly vegetarianism has spread through China and even in Argentina where they live for beef. It seems incredible, but it’s growing there as well.

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