This glove turns your hand into a music instrument

Two Turin-based young engineers invented Remidi T8, a glove that let you create music by touching whichever surface with your hands.

Traditional musical experiences often blend with technology. One of the most interesting trends is that of wearable music instruments: after jackets and trousers, the latest wearable musical invention is a pair of gloves. Remidi T8, a glove that produces sounds, was conceived by Andrea Baldereschi and Andrea Bulgarelli, two young Turin-based engineers.

The idea of a musical glove

Everything it touches turns to sound. Probably inspired in the Mi.Mu Gloves by British musician Imogen Heap the glove, connected to a band that functions as a “brain”, allows you to compose melodies using your hand. “I was beating a rhythm on a chair and was wandering how to reproduce it through software”, said Andrea Baldereschi, who has always loved electro music. “I told myself: what if I skipped this step?”.

Then he met Andrea Bulgarelli in 2014 and they established a start-up company that soon received approvals, recognitions and prizes, until Techstars accelerated its business and built connections in Lisbon, London and Austin, United States. Here the team, that in the meantime expanded to 5 members, developed a prototype and launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.


Remidi T8
The smart band is the “brain” of the Remidi T8 controller © Remidi


How the glove functions

Remidi T8 works on every surface and allows to combining motion with music. The glove includes eight pressure sensitive spots (five on the fingertips and three on the palm) while the wristband hosts the control center that modulates the sounds or activate other effects including reverb, echo, tone and temperature that were previously set up by the user.

These spots can be appointed to different notes or chords with any audio-editing programme or a computer, smartphone and tablet app via bluetooth or wi-fi. In this way it is possible to turn all the rhythms that you want into music.

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