Vincent Moon, the independent filmmaker who records the sounds of the world

The Parisian video maker is recording sounds coming from the most remote places around the world though a crowdfunding campaign in order to collect the songs of Peru.

The Parisian Vincent Moon, award winning filmmaker for his music videos for indie rock related artists like Sufjan Stevens, R.E.M., Tom Jones and Arcade Fire, launched a crowdfunding campaign to print on vinyl and publish for the record label Le Saule the collection “Chansons du Pérou”, the Peruvian music recorded in a 3-month journey. The non-profit initiative, promoted on the platform Ulule, arose after an incredible journey through the most faraway places of Iquitos, Cusco, Lima, Pucallpa, Mara and Ayacucho.


“I wanted to make 33 films, it was a question of life and death. It’s a mystical number after all. I had 3 months in Perú, without any idea of what I would do,” explained the filmmaker. He then met Justina, singing teacher and healer in a village near Pucallpa, the Andean Orquestra Tipica with 20 saxophonists, and Manuelcha Prado, one of the greatest guitarists of South America.


The curiosity of exploring the cultures and sounds of the world, documenting the relashionship between music and trance throughout the 5 continents, led Vincent Moon to literally live on the road since 2008. Over few years, he filmed and recorded a huge amount of traditional music and religious rites, from shaman ceremonies in the heart of the Amazon forest and rituals in Hanoi, to Sufi dances in Chechnya.


Vincent Moon’s ethnographic overview on todays’ world, as experimental as poetic, is collected in his label Petites Planètes. His productions, also made in collaboration with people met during his journey, have been most of the times carried out without economic resources, with the aim to realise and distribute his films way far off western cultural industry standards.


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