Costa Rica has used 100% renewable energy for 150 days in a row, so far

In the first months of 2016, Costa Rica used exclusively renewable energy for 150 consecutive days.

Costa Rica is setting more and more records. Renewable energy supplied almost all the energy produced in 2015 in the Central American country, while in 2016 solar power will prevail. For about two months in a row, to be more precise 76 days, the country hasn’t burnt any fossil fuels. The National Centre for Energy Control wrote in a public notice that the country has generated 100% clean energy from 16 June to 2 September.

hydroelectric power plant
A hydroelectric power plant in Costa Rica

Hydro and wind power in Costa Rica

In August hydropower, one of the country’s most used sources, supplied 80 percent of all electricity production. Following there are geothermal, wind and solar energy. This year’s record will add to the record of 2015, when the small unarmed country has coped with its electricity demand exclusively with hydro, wind and geothermal power for as many as 299 days.

Costa Rica
Hydroelectric power is Costa Rica’s first energy source

“We prepared to give to Costa Rica on 16 September the largest power project in Central America, which will bring 305.5 megawatts of firm and renewable for the benefit of all sectors of the country’s energy”, said Carlos Manuel Obregon, chief executive of the Costa Rican Institute of electricity (ICE).

Costa Rica in 2015 generated more energy from renewable sources than any other Latin American country, with 31 percent of the total energy production (34,000 GWh). Costa Rica’s goal is to become the first carbon neutral country in the American continent by 2021.

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