Canada’s largest coal plant will become a solar farm

Closed in 2013, the coal plant will become a solar park that will generate 44 MW of photovoltaic, clean and reliable energy.

This project has it all: a coal plant will be transformed into a renewable energy one, substituting fossil fuels for clean power. This is what will happen to the Nanticoke Generating Station in Ontario, Canada, once considered the largest coal plant in North America.


coal plant shuttered
The coal plant shuttered in 2013.


The plant was shuttered in 2013 because it was considered obsolete and because Ontario chose to increasingly stop producing energy from coal. Now the plant will be home to a new solar park with a 44-megawatt solar installation. The panels will be installed on and near the former plant and north of Lake Erie.


The project of the solar park is developed by Sun Edison Canadian and its partners Six Nations Development Corporation and Ontario Power Generation. “The Nanticoke project is a great opportunity for Ontario to take a former coal plant and transform it into a clean and reliable solar power plant”, said Michelle Chislett, vice president of SunEdison and country manager for Canada. “This project is a great example of how countries are retiring coal plants and replacing them with clean, renewable power plants”.


soalr plant
A solar plant in Spain. © Denis Doyle/Getty


“I’m excited with this opportunity”, said Jeff Lyash, CEO of the Ontario Power Generation. “We stopped burning coal at Nanticoke in December 2013, and this is an investment in a cleaner energy future for Ontario”.


The Canadian province chose to gradually shutter coal plants as part of a project of transition to a low carbon emission economy. The former Nanticoke plant was known to be the most polluting plant in Canada. The most positive figure was released after that the plant was closed: in 2005 there were 15 smog advisories covering 53 days, while in 2015 there were none.

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