Banksy, new anti-Brexit mural appears in the city of Dover

Banksy realised a new artwork on a building in Dover, United Kingdom, sending a clear message on Brexit.

Banksy made a new mural on a building in the UK coastal town of Dover, near to a ferry port that connects the United Kingdom with mainland Europe. The new artwork is dedicated precisely to Europe and Brexit, and shows a metalworker chipping away at one of the 12 stars on the flag of the European Union. Symbolically, the stars on the EU flag represent harmony and solidarity among the member countries. Through a spokesman on the street artist’s official website, Banksy claimed responsibility for the mural. Banksy’s identity isn’t yet known.

The picture has appeared on Banksy’s website

banksy dover
The artwork dedicated to Brexit appeared in Dover, UK © Banksy

The metal worker chipping away at the star

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Banksy’s artwork has a very precise message

Dover, England.

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