Xavier Rudd: the new video, Come People, exclusive to LifeGate

Last summer Xavier Rudd enchanted the world with his single Follow the Sun. The Australian artist is back with a new video, Come People, and an album that will be released on 17 March with some news…

Born in Torquay, Victoria, the Australian songwriter Xavier Rudd has created seven albums and a single, Follow the Sun, that climbed the charts of the whole world last summer, winning the platinum disc in Italy. He is a multi-instrumentalist (he can play sixteen musical instruments) and, thanks to his live performances, participations to a number of music festivals and concerts in Australia and North America, he has gained popularity as a one-man band and he is appreciated by other fellow musicians such as Ben Harper, Eddie Vedder, Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews.


He is a vegetarian and his lyrics deal with socially and environmentally conscious themes like the protection of ethnic minorities such as the Aboriginal peoples of his homeland. Not only did the Aboriginal culture inspired Rudd’s lyrics, but even the use of instruments and voices in his albums.


On 17 March his new album entitled Nanna will be released: it is a roots reggae album in which Rudd will perform as the frontman of The United Nations, a band consisting of musicians from all over the world and with different cultures: from Australia to Germany, from Papua New Guinea to South Africa. The first single of the album is Come people: a cheerful song that takes you to Jamaica and invites you to dance.

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