Australian photographer shows us the “scared scientists”

What do scientists really think about climate change? Photographer Nick Bowers immortalized experts’ concerns. Here are the fascinating results.

Data, graphs, figures, statistics. When scientists are asked to tell what they think about the ongoing climate change, their answers can’t exclude overviews of researches and diagrams showing percentages.


Nick Bowers, Australian photographer, wanted to leave aside “cold” data, in order to catch scientists’ emotions, thoughts and concerns through a black-and-white photography series.


Bowers’ project, Scared Scientists, aims to convey the humanity and vulnerability of scientists devoted to the science of climate.



“My work on the potential impacts of climate change on species and ecosystems has made it clear that the human species is now threatened…” Lesley Hughes, Macquarie University © Nick Bowers


The artist tries also to give hope to future generations: “I constantly hear the word ‘wealth’ and the importance of passing this on. I’m inspired to pass on a better, more sustainable future,” he explained.


Here’s his amazing work.


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