Philanthropy and impact investing, for a more just and sustainable future

Philanthropy and impact investing are two instruments to change the world, for the better. Here’s why we’ll be talking about this approach over the next few months.

In the next few months LifeGate will host a series of in-depth analyses on philanthropy and impact investing. This section is supported by Investing for Global Impact, a global research published by The Financial Times in partnership with GIST (Global Impact Solutions Today) and with the support of Barclays.

Why philanthropy and impact investing, together

In order to understand the dynamics contributing to the development of a better, inclusive and sustainable world, which is also able to grant a dignified future for all and protect our Planet, a holistic and systemic vision is needed. A vision that has different – or even contradictory – points of view, modus operandi, and needs. A dialogue that sheds light on the connections and dynamics (both positive and negative) between all the stakeholders and parties involved: countries, municipalities, small companies, multinationals, non-profits, and organisations of the civil society at all levels, from grassroots movements to the United Nations.

In a holistic and systemic vision there isn’t room for isolated phenomena and all relationships and connections have to be traced and considered. Nature and the economy, as well as private and public property, are inseparable. Whose is the air above us? What about the clouds, the stars? Who does have the responsibility of holding everything together, while keeping a balance (even if dynamic)? Who must and can contribute to shaping a better future? In our view, everybody. From institutions, individuals, social organisations, and citizens.

What is this section about

We have a holistic and inclusive point of view. This is why we’ll talk about philanthropy and impact investing, as well as about the new forms of collaborations between traditional companies and public institutions and the new innovative forms of influence between these actors. We’ll also talk about social investments, the assessment of their positive impacts on the Planet, new perspectives and new paradigms. To us “investing” means using one’s money while generating interactions and having an impact on the economy, the environment, nature, and people.

This while trying to highlight the new paths taken to realise what has seemed impossible so far: contributing to a better world and, meanwhile, generate profits. These new paths require overcoming the standards underlying our traditional social and economic system, such as the contrast between profit and philanthropy, development and sustainability, hospitality and protectionism. The age of dichotomies has come to an end; the age of circularity has just started.

profits and sustainability
Let’s overcome traditional contrasts between profit and sustainability, protetionism and hospitality © Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

The aims of Investing for Global Impact

All the contents aggregated in the tag Investing for Global Impact aim to help shed a light on all this, creating a clear and extensive dialogue. A dialogue that, without overlooking Italy, closely follow what happens in other countries across our globalised and interconnected world. A dialogue that focuses on individual responsibility, i.e. everything we can do in our private and working life, keeping in mind that each and every of us play different roles, which can be still identified in a single person.

Our aim is invoving a growing number of people in contemplating philanthropy and impact investing, as well as social companies and foundations, and their role in the creation of a better world. Together, with everybody’s contribution.

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