Pancakes with ricotta and lemon

Pancakes are easy and quick to prepare. This version with lemon and ricotta is absolutely to taste: soft, savoury and appetizing!


250 g of sheep milk’s ricotta

2 eggs

70 g of flour

10 cl of fresh whole milk

1 lemon


1 spoonful of whole brown sugar

half a teaspoonful of powdered yeast

whole sea salt





Mix flour, ricotta, egg yolks, milk, yeast, a pinch of salt, sugar and grated lemon peel. The mixture shouldn’t be completely smooth, it can also have lumps. Whip the egg whites until stiff in a big bowl, and then blend them gently with the mixture downwards, with a wooden spoon. Heat a pan over medium heat. When it is hot, melt a knob of butter and pour two spoonful of dough into the pan. To prepare perfect pancakes, make sure that the burner be neither too high or too low, that you flip the pancakes when there are a few bubbles on their surface, and that you don’t cook them for too long. Serve warm with acacia honey or maple syrup on top.




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