“On Your Wavelength”, laser and sound show with the mind

Staged at the Merge, “On Your Wavelength” is an interactive installation where the public’s mind creates a coreography of lasers and sounds.

“On Your Wavelength” is an interactive site-specific installation that combines arts, music and neuroscience. It’s a large-scale installation of lasers that uses the participants’ brain data and the latest light and sound design technologies. In a dark tunnel-like space, users are equipped with EEG earphones that monitor their brain wavelengths (electroencephalography is the recording of the electrical activity of the brain through electrodes placed on the head).


on your wavelenght 2


The data collected are interpreted in real time by computer software and used to power a laser and sound composition. The participants’ thought directly modulates the physical light surrounding them. The laser and the sound amplify their mental activities generating a suggestive performance that spreads in the architectural space.


The most surprising results are those produced during the states of concentration, when people let them go. The installation generates a unique brain signature for every participant, creating an intimate and at the same time anonymous personal experience.


on your wavelenght 3


Commissioned by the London Festival of arts, music and performance Merge 2015, where it will be open to the public for a month starting from 18th September, the installation was designed by Marcus Lyall, known for his projects with the Chemical Brothers and Metallica, with the collaboration of composer Rob Thomas for the audio and Andrea Cuius for the laser visualisation.


“I wanted to make something where a thought in your head causes an actual reaction in the physical world”, explained Lyall. “There’s something magical about seeing a huge space being transformed in front of you, just through your thoughts. This installation is a chance to recapture a feeling of wonder at ducking off a busy street and entering a different world”.

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