The video of two men holding hands in the streets of Moscow

A group orchestrated a social experiment to understand how Moscow sees homosexuality. The results are definitely negative.

Following the news from the Unites States, where the Supreme Court has legalised same-sex marriage in all states, some young men of the group Cheburussia TV realised a video to show what could happen to 2 people of the same sex walking hand in hand in the streets of Russia’s capital, Moscow. In less than 3 hours, the result was lots of insults and 2 aggression attempts, which led the 2 protagonists to end the social experiment before the expected time.


Despite homosexuality is not a crime in Russia, it’s not far from being. Numerous people consider it morally unacceptable. In 2013, the Duma, the Russian Parliament, approved a law that bans talking about homosexuality with minors and organising demonstrations supporting LGBT rights. 

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