Colombia, an NGO is planting trees against the drug trade

Environomica is an Italian NGO aimed at protecting nature and promoting sustainable development. In Colombia, it plants trees to reforest areas once wiped out by drug traffickers.

Protecting the environment and people through conservation projects and sustainable development. This is the mission, as simple as revolutionary, of Environomica, an international non-profit organization specializing in nature conservation and sustainable rural development.


Environomica cooperates with local populations to recover natural resources, by reorganising sustainable agricultural activities

Trees against the drug trade

Drug traffickers have deforested large areas in Santa Marta, Colombia, for producing drug. But right there, a new forest will grow. Environomica has launched a project for reforesting an area of 100 hectares by planting 10,000 trees every year. “Our objective is creating a forest reserve, with the help of the local community,” said Matteo Angri, co-founder and vice-president of Environomica.

The lost city in the Colombian jungle

The area was chosen by virtue of the presence of a great biodiversity and its proximity to the ancient archaeological site of Ciudad Perdida. “Our project also provides the protection of this area in collaboration with the Global Heritage Fund,” added Matteo Angri. “Environomica is creating a system of ethical tourism, while the Global Heritage Fund is committed to protecting the entire archaeological site and aims to fund new excavations”.

Giungla colombiana
The Stand4Trees campaign aims at supporting reforestation of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in Colombia

About Environomica

Environomica promotes a sustainable future for people and the planet. Moreover, it supports local economies in the transition towards low-impact models able to conserve resources and generate profit.

Established in 2013, the organisation operates in Africa and South America, thanks to its branches in Mozambique and Colombia.

The NGO also operates in Africa, thanks to the branch in Mozambique

Stand4trees campaign

The NGO funds its projects thanks to the Stand4trees campaign. Privates and companies can actively take part in Environomica’s green revolution by “adopting” a tree (with just 1 dollar) that will be planted in the reserve, contributing to restore the forest with native plant species.

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