California, the most destructive wildfires in its history are wiping out whole towns

Tre grossi incendi stanno devastando la California. Fino ad ora ci sono state 25 vittime, mentre interi paesi sono stati evacuati.

The whole of California is under threat. Three huge wildfires are causing death and devastation all over the country. 31 people have died and tens are still missing. Fire fighters are deployed on all fronts and are evacuating entire towns. The wildfire named Camp Fire has become the most destructive wildfire in California’s history: it has wiped out the largest amount of hectares of land – 40,000.

Camp Fire goes down in history as the most destructive wildfire

The wildfires known as Camp Fire, Woolsey Fire and Hill Fire are the ones causing the greatest damages. Camp Fire broke out north of Butte County and has already destroyed 6,000 houses. Only 20 per cent of this fire has been contained, this is why fire fighters are working around the clock in the attempt to stop it. Around 20,000 inhabitants of the city of Paradise, near Sacramento, have been forced to leave their homes as Camp Fire is approaching the area. Four people have been found dead inside their cars near the city while the fire, which became the most ravaging in California’s history, continues to move rapidly. The causes are still not clear, but the Pacific Gas & Electric Company has issued a statement about a problem of a transmitter tower near Paradise, which could have fallen and started a fire.

california wildfires
The citizens of Paradise city have been evacuated © Justin Sullivan Getty

Two wildlfires in southern California

In southern California, the Woolsey and Hill fires are causing problems in the Santa Ana and Malibu areas – the latter is renowned to be home to many cinema and music stars. Spread north of Los Angeles, the two wildfires have already destroyed 30,000 hectares of land and have been contained only in part. The causes behind them are unknown in this case and what is frightening fire fighters the most are the strong winds that are fuel for the fires, making them move rapidly towards the Pacific Ocean. The flames are already reaching, and threatening, the small town of Thousand Oaks, which has fallen victim to a shooting that shook the population that could now be forced to evacuate the area. Only three months ago, California issued an alert for Carr Fire, but now new wildfires are threatening the state and its citizens.

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