Ezio Guaitamacchi

Creator and Presenter of "Rock Files Live"

From Milan and AC Milan fan, traveller and tennis player, Ezio Guaitamacchi fills his time with fun activities: he is a television and radio writer and presenter, a writer, musician, teacher and performer.

If he is not directing JAM, a monthly magazine, or broadcasting on LifeGate Radio, not teaching at the CPM Music Institute or writing an essay on rock or his "Dark Side" page on XL, if he's not on stage or in front of a video camera to talk about "RockFiles", he reads detective novels and rockstar biographies, or watches Fox Crime and History Channel documentaries.

He has already published around 15 essays on rock music, among which 1000 canzoni che ci hanno cambiato la vita (published by Rizzoli), Figli dei fiori figli di Satana (published by Arcana), 100 dischi ideali per capire il rock” (published by Editori Riuniti), Delitti Rock (published by Arcana) and RockFiles – 500 storie che hanno fatto storia (published by Arcana)

After DELITTI ROCK, Ezio Guaitamacchi returns to the crime scene. PSYCHO KILLER – Omicidi in Fa maggiore (published by Ultra) is his first "rock thriller", but it won't be the last...


Favourite quote: 

“Rock music didn't save my life but it helped me live better”

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