Emanuele Bompan


I’m a journalist and geographer. I travel to write. My focus areas are climate change, energy and the green economy. American politics is my favourite sport, I covered Obama’s first term from Washington. I’ve written books including “Bioarchitettura” (Hachette editions) ; “Il mondo dopo Parigi. L’accordo sul clima visto dall’Italia: prospettive, criticità e opportunità” (Ambiente editions) and “Che cosa è l’economia circolare” (Ambiente editions). I’m now working on a new book on water grabbing. I won the European Journalism Center Grant four times, as well as the Middlebury Environmental Journalism Fellowship (once) and was nominated as Earth Journalist (Giornalista per la Terra) 2015. My religion? has two wheels.


Favourite quote

One thing in any case is certain: man is neither the oldest nor the most constant problem that has been posed for human knowledge. (Michel Foucault)

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