US primaries. Clinton and Trump triumph in New York

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has defeated her rival Bernie Sanders, while Donald Trump has crushed his Republican opponents.

New York primaries have essentially crowned the presidential elections nominees. Most probably, Hillary Clinton will run for the Democratic Party. Her rival on the Republican side hasn’t been determined yet, but billionaire Donald Trump has crushed his rivals and now seems to be the most probable Republican frontrunner in the race for the White House in November.

Clinton wins 58 per cent of votes

Both of them outmatched their respective rivals: Clinton has gained 58 per cent of votes compared to 42 per cent of Bernie Sanders, in a state providing 291 delegates (proportionally divided). Vermont Senator, however, has reported voting irregularities in New York State: according to CNN, his entourage denounced the fact that over 125,000 Democratic voters have been excluded by the party’s Board of Elections. “It is absurd that in Brooklyn, New York – where I was born, actually – tens of thousands of people have been purged from the voting rolls,” Sanders said at Penn State University.


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“Victory is in sight,” Clinton told supporters. The wife of the former US President now counts on 1,758 delegates against 1,076 of Sanders. The amount of delegates needed to be officially nominated as presidential candidate at the Democratic Convention (to be held in Philadelphia from 25 to 28 July) is 2,383.

The Republican race keeps going

In the Republican camp Trump won big, obtaining 60 per cent of votes and defeating his rivals: Ohio Governor John Kasich (25.2 per cent) and Texas Senator Ted Cruz (14.8 per cent).


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However, Trump continues facing strong hostility by part of the Republican leadership. In order to silence such criticisms, Trump bet on a great success in New York State. NY primaries allowed him have a total of 844 delegates: he needs 393 more to gain absolute majority and become the official presidential candidate (Republican Convention will be held in Cleveland in late July).


Cover photo: Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during her campaign in the state of  New York ©Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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