LifeGate Way

LifeGate Way

LifeGate Way is the first ecosystem dedicated to sustainable native startups. Naturally sustainable.

The manifesto

LifeGate Way is the first ecosystem dedicated to sustainable native startups, i.e. new businesses that have already brought on board, or intend to bring on board, the triple bottom line (people, planet, profits) values LifeGate has been promoting for over 20 years.

The startups supported and accelerated by LifeGate Way will be selected according to the following principles:

  • people, because what matters most in a business is its people, i.e, the entrepreneur and his/her team, with their values, talents and skills;
  • planet, because a business can also create environmental and social value;
  • profit, because the business model must create economic value for its shareholders and its community.

LifeGate Way will support the startups through an acceleration process that uses the skills of the LifeGate team and its B2B and B2C network. LifeGate Way will also fund the best projects, mainly at the early stage.

LifeGate Way’s purpose is to show the way towards the creation of an ecosystem of successful companies able to make an impact in their sectors by bringing innovation and sustainable growth models.

The startups we support

Spartan Tech
Develops an extremely simple, democratic blockchain app that can be adopted by SMEs in a wide range of sectors, to bring innovation, traceability and transparency, all at a low cost.

Orange Fiber
With the aim of being a benchmark in Italy for sustainable materials, it offers the perfect ingredient for fashion brands, using technology and innovation to create a fibre from orange peel.

Connects people with local farmers through a platform that allows users to “adopt” a plant or an entire orchard and to receive the fruit in their home.

Travel tech company operating in the field of sustainable and outdoor tourism, with the aim of restoring the connection between people and nature and allowing tourists to enjoy authentic experiences in contact with local communities.

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