Vittoria Gallo

Media Network Sales Manager

My passion for sales is far-reaching. Over the years I have developed a great commercial and public relations sense, originally in the tourism industry and then in communications.

I arrived at LifeGate in 2008. I support businesses by creating and planning costumised communication projects, in order to transversely complement content on LifeGate’s platform. Using digital tools, planning unconventional communication campaigns and musical/publishing project sponsorships, the aim is to define business development strategies, towards a sustainability and lifestyle oriented target.

I love travelling and spending time with friends. If I believe in a project, nothing and nobody can stop me. The most interesting experience of my life? Have lived 6 months on a boat!

My favorite sport: scuba diving. My greatest joy: my daughter.


Favorite quote:

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart” (Confucius)