Paola Roncareggi

Media Project Manager

Texts, images and sounds are instruments that have always told the history of humankind. Today more than ever, communication opportunities have multiplied, offering an infinite range of analogical and digital tools.

Working in this world is an ongoing challenge, as well as an honor: the objective is to spread a clear message, choosing the most appropriate channels and languages.

This is translated into the creation and planning of cross-media campaigns on LifeGate’s platform (radio, web and social media) and other media, centred on open dialogues that are focused on individual communication needs. Projects concern publishing activities, online campaigns as well as real events, aimed at describing all aspects of a sustainable lifestyle. This is an activity requiring a shared understanding and a close-knit team. I believe in teamwork, I’m a sportswoman and I'm curious.

I’d rather not to be boxed into a predefined label.


Favorite quote:

“Change three behaviors a year and you’ll obtain phenomenal outcomes”. (Anonymous)