Mimmi Maselli


Expert in media communication, I worked in the areas of marketing, events and institutional communication for MTV Italy. I was a project manager for Elita Milano and worked on many international events. For the past few years I've been working as a content editor for Red Bull Italy, as well as an editorial coordinator. As a music consultant and deejay I've specialised in organising the sound for corporate events and have collaborated with many prestigious brands, especially in the world of fashion. I worked with Alessio Bertallot in the editorial development and communication of Casa Bertallot webradio and as artistic consultant for Radio Mercato Centrale in Florence and Rome. I'm part of team Jackleg, a sound design and music production studio in Milan; I teach a workshop on the relationship between brands and music in the Masters in Music Communication at Cattolica University in Milan and am co-creator of the Baby DJ Lab project, a music lab for children and young adults.

Favourite quote: "I do some stupid things, but my heart's in the right place" (Things the Grandchildren Should Know, Eels)

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