Giovanni Fontana


In 1991 I graduated in Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Business Management at Cattolica University in Milan. At the time I was also involved in my first work experience in the Milanese office of Swiss Trading company Serica Trudel S.p.A., in which I then progressed to become Head of Administration.

I continued my career as Head of Administration and Financial Affairs in sectoral leaders such as Frangi Spa, Como-based printing company, and Enervit Spa, whose floating on the Stock Exchange in 2008 I contributed to personally.

In all the places I've worked, regardless of the structure, executives or managers, I've always operated in relation to the Ownership, sharing company strategies, but also missions and lifestyles, for example in Enervit and especially here in LifeGate.

My great passion is sport, or rather the sport spirit, in all its forms and manifestations, as a medium and tool to well-being.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard” (Tim Notke)