Dalia Morosini

Project Manager

I completed my degree in Psychology in 2010 and since then I've always been involved in project management on the one hand, managing both B2B and European research projects, and the creation, planning and realisation of formative experiences and courses through the use of new technologies. My passion, and my work, have brought me to study and understand how the principal technological innovations can be used to the benefit of people and businesses, with a particular emphasis on the world of gamification and serious games. I've always tried to unite work with fun and that's why I started working at LifeGate, where I bring my experience in accompanying businesses and people towards leading a more sustainable lifestyle.


My greatest passion is backpacking: I love uncovering the most remote places in the world,  confronting myself with different people and cultures and having my breath taken away by beautiful landscapes.


Favourite quote:

“Happiness is real only when shared” (Into the wild)