Claudio Vigolo


I'm a professional journalist, speaker and presenter with a passion for radio.

Editor, presenter and the official voice of LifeGate Radio from the station's founding to 2013. I now collaborate with LifeGate as a freelance journalist and speaker.


Over the years I've been involved in creating, producing and presenting a number of environmental and musical information programmes; as well as radio news programmes, for which I've selected news, conducted interviews and curated their recording and editing.


Previously I worked for Radio 24 – Il Sole 24 Ore as assistant for economic programmes. I received my degree in Business Economics from Milan's Bocconi University, with a focus on the organisation and culture of international business. Among the most notable experiences, I studied diction, acting, dubbing and interpretative reading as well as completing an internship at the Italian Embassy in Cuba after finishing my studies.


At LifeGate Radio I wrote and presented the programmes "LifeGate International", "World Gate", dedicated to world music; worked with Fabio Treves for "Life in Blues" and Ezio Guaitamacchi for a number of episodes of "Rock Files".