Babatunde Onabajo


I am studying for an MSc Brazil in Global Perspective at the Brazil Institute of King’s College, London. I am also completing external modules with the Lau China Institute, the Institute of North American Studies and the Department of European & International Studies. Furthermore, I am taking the Associateship of King’s College, a special award offered by the university to those with an interest in theology. Prior to postgraduate studies, I studied BSc Economics at Cardiff University. I am currently improving my German in my spare time and recently completed the King’s College, London Experience Global Award narrating my interest in German culture. I intend to continue in my studies at the Ph.D. level either in the field of Political Economy or International Relations.

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What is the Zika virus

What is the Zika virus

The Zika virus has gripped much of Brazil and Latin America. There have also been confirmed cases in the United States, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain and Italy. Most recently, it has concerned health officials due to its suspected link to a dangerous condition known as microcephaly, observed in over 4,000 children in Brazil reported since